7 ways to use baby powder

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- Baby powder is a medicine cabinet staple that's handier than you think. On this Home & Garden Wednesday here are eight problems that can be solved with baby powder from Good Housekeeping.

1. A knotted necklace - Never waste time desperately tugging at tangled jewelry again. Loosen the knot with a little baby powder and use a pin to pull it apart.

2. Greasy hair - Most dry shampoos are starch-based, so baby powder has a similar effect in a pinch. Sprinkle some on your hands and massage it through your scalp to soak up excess oil.

3. A sweltering summer night - Crawling into a hot, sticky bed probably isn't your definition of nighttime relaxation. Dust powder between your sheets to help absorb sweat and keep things cool.

4. A stuck-together deck of cards - When poker night gets messy, toss the playing cards into a paper bag with a few tablespoons of powder and give them a good shake. Then wipe them with a paper towel.

5. Squeaky hardwood floors - Pour baby powder onto your wooden floor and sweep it into the cracks to quiet creaking floorboards. Wipe away the excess, and enjoy the sounds of silence.

6. Sandy feet - Pack a travel size bottle of baby powder in your beach bag. At the end of the day, rub it on your skin and sand will come right off.

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