Brighter Side: Good news this week

UNDATED (KTHV) - From a cop patrolling the streets on a skateboard to an abandoned dog's amazing transformation, there are plenty of positive stories from the past week that are definitely on the 'brighter side'.

Wisconsin police officer patrolling on skateboard

10 year police veteran Joel Zwicky is glad to be out of a patrol car and on his new wheels -- a skateboard! He is using his job to help break down the stereotypes that surround skateboarders. He wants people to understand that they aren't all troublemakers and that anyone can skateboard. He says he's also trying to ease restrictions on skateboarders and longboarders on Wisconsin roads.

Dancing crossing guard cheering up Sandy Hook

Kathy Holick is a crossing guard in the Newtown, Connecticut, village of Sandy Hook. But directing traffic is just one of the ways she's is making an impact in her community. According to the Hartford Courant, Holick -- who dances while directing traffic near Newtown High School -- has become a symbol of hope and positivity in Sandy Hook. "She takes her responsibility seriously but has fun in the process," longtime Newtown resident John Bergquist told the Courant. Holick, a 47-year-old grandmother, hasn't limited her campaign of positivity to the roads. She's even taken to social media to spread cheer, sharing funny photographs and inspiring words through a public Facebook page.

Abandoned dog's amazing transformation

The animal rescue organization, Hope for Paws, posted a video of a dog found in Compton, California. When approached, the dog, who according to the video had been abandoned by his previous owners, appeared traumatized and all of his fur was matted. But then, under the care of The Mutt Scouts -- an organization that collaborates with Hope For Paws -- you can see him undergo an amazing transformation (and receive the name Theo). The Mutt Scouts are responsible for the foster home and rehab Theo is having, along with the incredible friendship he has made with three pit bulls.


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