Chris Olsen on creating indoor topiaries, fall wreaths

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- Chris Olsen from Botanica Gardensalways has great advice on home and gardening projects.

Segment 1: Growing indoor topiaries

If you love outdoor topiaries, did you know that it is rather easy to grow certain topiaries indoors? The key is plenty of light and the right variety of plant to tolerate the dry conditions inside. Most of us are familiar with the English Ivy topiary. Lush and green English ivy will grow successfully indoors with a least 4 hours of very bright light. But the real problem is usually insects, especially spider mites. Spider mites will kill ivy in a matter of just a few weeks. What to do? Spray your topiary every 4 weeks with a insecticide and miticide. Chris uses a great product called Triple Action Plus by Fertiliome. You can find this spray at Botanica Gardens in Little Rock or other garden centers.

Other varieties of topiaries include rosemary and the olive tree. Both should be cared for just like you would the English ivy. Keep moist and do preventive maintenance. Rosemary will require about 6 hours or more of bright light.

Segment 2: The perfect fall wreath

When it comes to decorating for autumn, remember to be different and chose that perfect wreath that is unique and may be a little fun. You can use a berry wreath, but what about one that is covered in green foliage and a snake. Scary, yes! Or something more elegant like a wreath made entirely from silk white gourds. The possibilities are endless. But it's time to get that wreath now or create one yourself before the good stuff is gone.

Check out the videos for step-by-step instructions! And you can always visit Chris at

Botanica Gardens

, located at 1601 Rebsamen Park Road, for help on any gardening projects.


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