Fitness Friday: 10 things your trainer is thinking

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- THV loves Fitness Fridays so here's 10 things your trainer is thinking probably about you from

1. "I wish you would listen to me." - Personal trainers take great pride in their knowledge of the human body and how to sculpt it, and they want you to listen to their suggestions. One of the advantages of working with a trainer is the one-on-one interaction.

2. "I wish you would talk to me." - You pay good money for those exercise routines and to keep you accountable for your goals. But they can't help you if you don't know what you want. Talk to them about how you want to change your body.

3. "You can do more." - Your trainer is well aware of your physical abilities and limitations. Although exercise should not hurt -- you have to challenge your body to see results. Try the extra reps or weight.

4. "Stop wasting your time and money." - You're paying so it's a waste of money to show up late or wimp out on exercises. You won't see changes if you don't do the work. Trainers know that your success is their success.

5. "You are cheating." - Your diet plays a big role in your ability to lose weight and build muscle. If you are not losing weight -- you're either not exercising or consuming more calories than you admit. Your trainer knows this.

6. "Your fear of weights is holding you back." - Many tell their trainers they don't want to get big or bulky and prefer to spend their time doing cardio. Few people have the genetics to build huge muscles and aren't willing to invest in the gym time and strict dieting to do so. But weights helps you strengthen the muscles you use every day and build bone tissue.

7. "You need to spend more time improving your form." - Form is everything. Even a slight variation in the way you hold a weight changes the impact of the exercise. Poor form can lead to injuries.

8. "Your goals are unrealistic." - Changing your body takes time. Many expecting to see dramatic weekly weight loss or six-pack abs after a few sets of crunches. You have to set goals that fit your body and lifestyle.

9. "You need to have fun." - Fitness is serious business. However, taking care of your body should be fun. Enjoy the feeling of moving your body and take pride in your accomplishments.

10. "You are amazing." - Do not become discouraged by all the criticizing and correcting. Your trainer is aware of how hard you work and is impressed by your dedication. Your enthusiasm is contagious and inspiring.


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