Great Easter decorations for your home

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) --Lifestyle expert Chris Olsen is here with the perfect giftand decorating ideas!

Easter Decorations

Easter is less then a month away and this is the time to collect all your Easter goodies at the store before they are gone. If you are visiting family or friends this Easter then Chris has the perfect Easter gift for you to bring. For that matter, a perfect gift for yourself. All you need to do is take an Easter basket and line the basket with plastic. Now fill the basket half way up with light weight pine or orchid bark. Then go to your local Pets Mart and buy live grass in pots . They usually sell 4 inch pots (for cats to nibble on) at the cash register area. Plant the basket with several 4 inch pots. Now just tuck into the planted grass a Terra-Cotta bunny or any kinda of bunny. Then add a few artifical Easter eggs.

Now you have the perfect Easter decoration to enhance your home or someone's home you care about.

Easter Greetings

Greet your guest at your front door with the perfect Easter arrangement. Take a large container or even a big basket, and feel with a soil medium. Then take three halves of the plastic Mega Egg you can buy at any craft store. Cut the edges of each halve to look like it has cracked open. Then plant each half with seasonal spring flowers. Tuck these 3 halves into the soil in the container and then use green sheet moss to feel in the empty spaces around the Mega Egg halves. What a way to say welcome to your family and friends.


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