THV11 Film Review: Blair Witch

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In 1999, The Blair Witch Project did four things:

  1. 1) It had a brilliant marketing plan. The filmmakers led people to believe that it was actually footage shot by three film students that was found in the woods after the students had vanished. These days that would be a hard sell but people believed it back in 1999 before social media and when the internet was just becoming a thing. The truth wasn’t revealed until the night before the movie opened yet the belief continues for some time after the film’s release.
  2. 2) It introduced a new way of “guerilla” filmmaking. The actors in the film had no script, only cameras and a basic set of instructions on what to do. That fright they feel, is mostly real.
  3. 3) It launched the “found footage” horror genre. 
  4. 4) It terrified everyone who watched it.

Quick refresher: The Blair Witch Project was about three film students that went into the Black hills Forest near Burkittsville, MD to shoot a documentary about the infamous Blair Witch. Things went very badly for them as they soon became lost in the woods and began to turn on each other until they happened upon a scary house in the woods and well, they didn’t make it out. That movie is told through their footage that was found in the search for them after their disappearance. Blair Witch is the third movie in the franchise (Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 was just an awful movie) and does the same thing, but this time it’s the found footage of a group of friends who went in search of one of the original film students, who happens to be his sister. They modern it up a little bit with body mounted cameras, a drone, and overall better gear.  It’s really not that much different than Blair Witch Project except that the filmmakers can do more stuff and we get to see a little more of the creepy house that’s not supposed to be there. It also relies just as much on audio cues as it does visual cues for its frights.

This movie is scary, for real. You know that person watching a horror movie who comments as the movie goes along? That was me this time. Luckily, when I saw it there were only three other people in the audience. The things I said ranged from using expletives to giving instructions to the protagonists. At various points, I looked down the row and saw observed that at one point everyone was watching through their hands. I even caught myself closing my eyes or looking away from the scream. Like any good horror movie, Blair Witch makes you anticipate what’s about to happen which is much worse than what actually happens on screen.

I see one scary movie a year, this was a good one.

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