Today's Home: Creating the perfect outdoor room

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - It's always nice to have patio furniture and just a space to soak in the nature when the weather gets warm.

In this week's edition of today's home, Chris Olsen shows us an easy way to create an outdoor room.

Are you tired of your landscaping looking so drab? Maybe you want to use your backyard, but you have nothing to go to. Hereʼs an idea that you can do yourself.

You take one space and create three rooms out of that one space.

You can start with a flat yard, and to give it a little bit of dimension, we went ahead and lifted up this pergola so itʼs built up on a raised patio.

The walls are about thirty six inches square. Then we built this beautiful pergola which is made out of treated pine, so its not that expensive. It was also stained a nice dark rich color.

Now, remember we have to have lighting. You can buy this beautiful patio lighting per foot so its any length that you want.

The floor is done in flagstone with just sand in between or you can do brick. There is room up here for a great table, and also room for a little sitting area here.

Down here, we have a water feature that is created out of an old antique sugar bowl with a nice wooden bench. Right across from it we have another sitting area with this great stone fireplace.

Now you have one space that is really three spaces, so thereʼs no reason why you canʼt go out this spring and summer and create a wonderful, lush landscape for you and your family.


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