Tornado debris still causing problems

FERNDALE, Ark. (KTHV) - This is now the third time THV has covered cleanup efforts in Ferndale and the debris is still very visible from Kanis road. Residents say they're simply tired of looking at all the dead trees around their property and they want them gone.

"Somebody failed somewhere. We've been forgotten."

Nearly 2 months after the tornado the debris still sits just feet from Kanis road.

Residents here in Ferndale say they're doing everything they can to clean it up, but they need more help.

"We understand the devastation that happened in Faulkner County is massive but devastation is devastation."

David and Teri Drennan recall the major landscape change near their property. What was once a dense forest is now littered with thousands of fallen trees.

"It looks like a logging company has already been out here and just left the mess."

On Carnation Lane, the trees still piled high a constant reminder of the devastation these people have faced.

At Friday's community meeting at nearby Pleasant Grove Baptist Church about 40 or so residents decided to take matters into their own hands, compiling a list of the work that needs to be done and setting up a game plan for cleaning up debris.

"We've had donations flood the church and that's been amazing but what we haven't had is people saying 'I have a tractor, or I have a bulldozer, or I have a trackhoe.'"

It may take months or even years to clear out the stumps and dead trees but these residents say they won't stop working until it's all gone.

"Inside our home is fine but the minute you look outside it's complete destruction and devastation."

The Drennans say they plan to sell some of the wood to a lumber company and hopefully use that money to rent equipment to clear the rest of the debris.


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