Trending Today: Great white shark up close & personal; Transgender priest visits national cathedral

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) – Here's a look at what's trending on the web today!

Transgender priest visits national cathedral

The Washington National Cathedral takes another public step in supporting the LGBT community.

For the first time, the cathedral welcomed an openly-transgender priest as a guest preacher on Sunday.

Reverend Cameron Partridge spoke at the Canterbury pulpit as part of the cathedral's celebration of LGBT pride month.

Partridge is the Episcopal chaplain at Boston University. He talked about the struggles many people in the community face.

The dean of the Washington National Cathedral has become an outspoken advocate for the LGBT community. He announced a policy of blessing same-sex marriages at the cathedral in 2013.

The cathedral also participated in a pride parade, earlier this month.

Sting says his kids won't get trust funds

A famous musician says when he dies, his kids may not see a penny of his fortune.

The 16-time Grammy Award winner, Sting, is worth $306 million, and now he says his kids won't be getting trust funds.

Sting says the vast wealth would be a quote "albatross" around the necks of his six kids.

He also says he told his kids that there won't be much money left, because they're already spending it all.

Personalized Coca-Cola bottles

Coca-cola is personalizing your coke experience.

The leading soda company is giving you the chance to drink from a bottle with your name on it.

New labels are going onto millions of 20-ounce colas that will be sent to stores across the country.

There are about 250 names to choose from, everything from Sam to Chad to Stephanie.

And if you can't find your name, there are words like friends or family instead.

You can go to to see if your name will be on a bottle.

No worries, we already checked…Craig and Dawn didn't make the cut.

Great white shark up close & personal

A cell phone video is being shared across social media today after a group of fishermen got up close and personal with possibly the most aggressive animal in the sea.

It happened off the coast of southern New Jersey.

A group of fishermen on a 35-foot boat had their cameras rolling as the shark circled the vessel several times.

Finally, the shark grabbed the chum bag off the boat and swam away.


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