Trending Today: NASA reveals new Hubble photos; Repairman saves drowning prairie dog

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) – Here's a look at what's trending on the web today!

NASA reveals new Hubble photos

On Wednesday, NASA revealed never-before-seen images of around 10,000 individual galaxies.

Scientists say it will help us understand how stars form in the first place.

According to NASA, the photo comes from images collected from more than 800 orbits by the Hubble Telescope between 2003 and 2012.

Since the Earth's atmosphere filters most of the ultraviolet light that makes this much detail possible, an image like this could only come from a space telescope.

Dangers of laser pointers

Coming to a theater near you, the FBI announced on Tuesday that they plan to bring public safety messages to movie previews about the dangers of aiming laser pointers at aircrafts.

Also part of the program, rewards of up to $10,000 for information leading to the arrest of someone shining at airplanes and helicopters.

The FAA says that this is a growing problem with reported laser attacks jumping from 300 to almost 4,000 since 2005.

Aiming a laser at an aircraft is a federal crime.

Recently, a 26-year-old man in California sentenced to fourteen years in prison after pointing a laser helicopter.

Repairman saves drowning prairie dog

A pool repairman in Arizona is a hero today to at least one prairie dog.

Rick Gruber says he was working on a pool in Phoenix when he noticed something in the water.

After pulling the little guy out of the water, he gave him CPR.

After a few minutes, the ground squirrel started to come around and within an hour, he scurried back into the desert.

Sleepy great dane refuses to get up

Right now, the most popular story on is this very sleepy puppy.

Ray Prevo, the owner of the drowsy Great Dane puppy named Thor owns a bagel factory in Birmingham, Michigan, so they start every morning before four.

The video was uploaded over a year and a half ago but in the last few days it has gained over a million views.


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