Wacky weather good and bad for landscapers

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV)-- Depending on who you ask yard work is either loved or hated. But for some it's a way to make a living, and this summer's wacky weather has been providing both relief and headaches for lawn care pros.

"We're what, five inches over our average [rain total] for the year right now," said landscaper David House.

Too much rain and landscapers can get hosed, but too little and his customers' wallets could feel dry because of increased water bills. But fortunately, this year, the amount of rain has been just where House likes it-

"Somewhere right in the middle," he said.

The rain has made for a steady stream of business for House- cutting about 25 lawns a week.

"Oh yeah [the rain] really jumps the grass and the turf into overdrive," said landscaper Jamie Wayne, who is also riding a small swell in work because of the added July rain

But on the same note it's provided some headaches trying to fit in new clients while working around the rainy days.

"It's a lot to handle," Wayne continued.

If the rain continues it wouldn't just over-saturate scheduling, but lawns as well causing some issues.

"When you have an excessive amount of rain and the yards stay wet, like I said, that generates funguses and different diseases in the turf," said House.

Those diseases aren't anything dangerous, but forces the lawn pros to treat it chemically, which they still need to wait to do.

"It gets to be a hard," continued House. "Downpour rain just shuts you down and you're literally waiting on the lawn to dry out."


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