Winners and Losers: March 10, 2014

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) – Here's Craig O'Neill's Winners and Losers for this week!

Loser: Vladimir Putin himself. You invade an economically stressed country, and not many people are going to be pulling for you, especially the United States.

Winner: The private option. Of course it took six votes, but it finally got re-funded for the next fiscal year.

The state of New Hampshire has also passed a version of the same thing, and other states continue to look at Arkansas' example.

Winner: Superintendent of Schools for Guy Perkins, Brian Cossey, who performed a rap to inform students of snow day information. Naturally he did his own version of "Ice Ice Baby."

Loser: Hot Springs. They had a rough week. Five days after the Majestic burned, the old historic Baxter hotel caught fire.

Later in the week, Mountain Valley Water got sold to a Kansas City company, and then late last week they found out a bar in New York was claiming to have the world's shortest St. Patrick's Day parade. After a phone call, Hot Springs still holds that title.

Loser: Those new automated parking meters in the Rivermarket. They still have glitches. It has been a great year for glitches.

Loser: Pedestrians in downtown Little Rock after an ice storm had to watch out for falling ice.

As our own Kevin Trager found out, watch where you step and what you're under at the


Loser: Pompeii. If you want a city that has trouble with stuff falling from the sky, try Pompeii. They make

the loser column after an ancient wall collapsed last week. It withstood the volcanic

eruption of 79 AD, but not the rainstorms of 2014. On top of that, Pompeii the movie was

panned by the critics and had a rough second week at the box office.

Winner: Rich women. On the Forbes magazine billionaire list there are now 172 women billionaires. The list includes Christy Walton of the Walton family, who has twice as much money as the Ukraine.


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