Yoga therapy helps cancer patients at UAMS

Cancer patients go through yoga therapy

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - Yoga therapy is the newest addition to UAMS and it's helping treat cancer patients and their caregivers. Patients get help from Arkansas Yoga Collective with treatments like aroma therapy, deep breathing exercises and relaxation techniques.

Arkansas Yoga Collective also provides free yoga classes.

A yoga teacher said, "It's mainly for building strength and maybe stretching the scar tissue and stuff that's formed."

Social worker Shayna Finley said, "You're going to help your body heal itself from things like surgery, chemo-therapy treatments, all those things that tend to be really wearing on your body."

She also said the mental drain is tough, "You're already going through stress with your relationships or your finances or your kids and then you're hit with a cancer diagnosis. That other stuff doesn't go away but your world is turned upside down."

Finley and UAMS are hoping this class helps aid with peoples aches and pains. One patient said she's thankful to have relief on such gloomy days.

"It gives me encouragement to keep working and get stronger because there's some days I don't always feel that way," she added.

Rowenia Garcia, clinical service manager at the Fusion Center is one of the people that made this possible. The grant that allows the yoga therapy is $16,000 a year. She feels the money spent on this program was worth every dollar.

"I think it's beneficial to the patients and it's beneficial to the families," she said.

This grant for the program is yearly but the cancer floor said they believe with the success they've had so far they will be able to continue this program.


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