Artist turns to Instagram to share pieces

(CBS) – A man who's already made his mark in the world of makeup, is making his mark in the world of art, through social media.

Donald Robertson's art is a punchy stream of pop-culture commentary. When told he's being referred to as the 'Andy Warhol of now', he replies, "God knows I rip off Andy Warhol like on a daily basis. What I really want to be known as, I want to be the Pharrell of art. I want to be the happy guy. Pharrell is just the best."

With a blend of gaffers tape, paint, and whatever else he may have laying around his home studio, Robertson has produced thousands of colorful unique pieces inspired by everything from fashion and celebrity to the world cup.

The artist's creative roots are in the corporate world. As a founder of mac cosmetics he has worked with multiple fashion magazines, and is currently the head of creative development for Esteé Lauder. He said, "Anybody who's ever worked for me has like a hundred drawings of themselves. But this is a chance for me to sort of go global."

Robertson has joined a new breed of artist, gaining popularity and acclaim through the photo sharing app, Instagram. "DonaldDrawbertson," as he's called online, has more than 60,000 followers. He said, "I don't want to miss out on what's going on in the world. And Instagram has kind of given us an opportunity. If you're not posting about Kanye and Kim's wedding, seconds after it's happening, you're sort of like missing the momentum of the whole thing. Let me tell you something… if you draw or paint anybody taller and thinner and younger than they actually really are, you are going to be very, very popular."

His gaffer tape and paint creations, inspired by fashionistas, have also become fashion. Robertson said, "This guy approached me on Instagram, his name is Giles Deacon, to do collaborations with him. He was going to take my drawings and turn them into fabric print. So I had sent him this picture, painting I had done of lips and the next thing you know I'm sitting front row at his show in London and I'm like, all these lip dressing starting coming down the runway. I was like, oh my god, this is really, this is crazy!"

Robertson describes his process as "high-functioning ADD", waking up at 4 a.m. to feverishly create piece after piece in his basement, before taking on his other role of husband and father of five in suburban New York.

One of Donald's first art shows opened this summer in the Eric Firestone Gallery in east Hampton, NY, a colorful explosion of his high fashion and suburban life concoction, every piece uncovered from the prolific artist's basement.

For an artist that loves "impossible collaborations" as he calls them, the rare blending of his talents has made Donald Robertson's art not only possible, but successful.


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