Caught on Camera: Bystanders stop carjacking

SAN DIEGO (CNN) -- The violent struggle to stop a man from carjacking a woman and child in a minivan in San Diego was all caught on camera.

We want to warn you, the video may be graphic to some viewers.

A defenseless little girl screamed from the back of this minivan as a group of men fought to keep Ismael Velasquez from driving off with her. Aaron Leaf said, "I seen a guy in the back seat choking out the driver and there were a couple of other people in the widow grabbing the keys from him."

Leaf was inside a restaurant when he heard the commotion. When he got outside he started shooting the chaos on his cell phone. Leaf said, "I'm just really trying to figure out what exactly is going on, once I realized I didn't feel sorry for the guy."

This isn't the first time Ismael Velasquez has been in trouble with the law. His family, who didn't want to show their faces on camera, said they were shocked he would do something like this. Elais Velasquez said, "When I saw the video, when he was aggressive, it was different."

His brother also told us Velasquez has been struggling with alcohol and drugs for some time. He said, "He probably has a lot of depression, he has been using some substances."

An officer showed up, and ordered Velasquez on the ground and when he didn't, the officer made him.

EMTs checked out the mother and child who were scared but were not harmed. For those watching they knew this could have been a much more tragic situation. Leaf said, "I think it's great that people will stand up for each other, I know that wouldn't happen in a lot of other neighborhoods."

Hernandez was booked into the San Diego jail on charges included attempted carjacking, attempted kidnapping, and attempted auto theft.

As for the mother and child, paramedics checked them out. Their nerves were rattled but they were not physically harmed.


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