Enormous dinosaur found in Argentina

TRELEW, Argentina (CNN) – A colossal new discovery has been made in Argentina.

Paleontologists there have unearthed the fossils of what may be the biggest dinosaur to have ever walked the planet: the titanosaur.

Scientists estimate that this creature measured 130 feet (40 meters), that's the length of two tractor-trailers lined up in front of each other, and it weighed 180,000 pounds (80,000 kilograms), the equivalent of 14 elephants.

These herbivores dated back to about 95 million years ago, in the late Mesozoic Era. According to a news release from the museum, these experts were able to piece together seven specimens of titanosaurs out of this. The belief is that they died together there, perhaps from dehydration or being stuck in the mud.


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