New Nordstrom catalog features disabled models

SEATTLE (CNN) -- Models are known for turning heads, but a major retailer's latest catalog features models drawing attention for more than just good looks.

Head to downtown Seattle's Nordstrom store on any given day and it`s packed. Shoppers trying to find the next best thing; the perfect addition to their wardrobe.

This time of year it`s especially crowded as the anniversary sale is going on now, the biggest and best sale of the season.

But it`s not the discounted prices that are getting all the attention. It`s the catalog promoting the sale.

Inside the catalog, you see four models with disabilities all displayed prominently, all showcasing this falls latest fashion. Tara Darrow with Nordstrom said, "We think they look beautiful....variety...reelecting who we serve every day in our stores."

On page 17 you see a woman who was born without an arm showing off a beautiful fall coat. Turn to page 34 and you see a woman who suffers from MS and is wheelchair bound modeling a pair of boots. How about this adorable little girl with Down syndrome?

And one that`s getting a lot of attention is on page 86. This veteran fought in Afghanistan and lost his leg. In the ad, he shows off some Nike shoes, with is prosthetic leg in full view.

Darrow says this is nothing new for the Seattle based company. In fact, Nordstrom has been hiring models with disability since 1997. But this year, the catalog is getting a lot of national attention and a lot of praise. Deb Witmer with the Commission for People with Disabilities said, "It's a sign that they understand their customer, include everyone buy consumer goods just like everyone else does."

And it`s not just Nordstrom. This picture shows a new display in front of a JCPenny store in New York. According to USA Today, the company calls this campaign `When It Fits, You Feel It'. The mannequins show real size people, a snapshot of the community.

Customers seem to like it. One woman posted on Nordstrom's Facebook page saying, I am so proud of Nordstrom for using models with a wheelchair and a prosthetic limb in the`s time that it goes mainstream!"


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