No sweet reaction to Tenn. donut mural

CHATTANOOGA, TN (CNN) -- Who would've thought a few donuts would cause so much trouble? Well, a recent mural of some Chattanooga, Tennessee pastries is running afoul of the law.

There is now a splash of color at the corner of broad and 20th street. Barbara Davis said, "I've been in this area for 31 years and I thought it would be something better than the old building."

Davis is the owner of Koch's Bakery. She said, "I had no idea I was causing any kind of problems. That was not my intention."

In the last week, an $11,000 mural of donuts flying through the air was painted on a storage building facing 20th Street. Davis said, "I've had nothing but positive feedback from customers and from people in general."

Kim Campbell said, "It's fabulous, it's artwork, it's artwork." Marybeth Anderson added, "I rode out here on my bicycle this morning, early, just to look at it, just in case someone is going to make it go away."

But the city sees the artwork a bit differently. Gary Hilbert said, "The sign ordinance was adopted by the city in 1986."

Hilbert is the director of land development for Chattanooga, which enforces the signage code. He says some artwork is fine. He said, "As long as it doesn't advertise a product you are selling."

The ordinance also stipulates that a painted ad can only cover 20% of the facade, which again begs the art or advertisement question. Davis said, "And there's no sign on it that says anything about my name. There is not an arrow on it that points to my bakery or anything."

Davis says she was told she must either paint over the mural or condense it to 20% of the face of the building. She said, "I just thought it was a happy, beautiful sign for the south side."

Hilbert says his office will take a few days to investigate and that they'll also work with Davis to come to a resolution.

Bakery owner Barbara Davis says she will start a petition to save her pastry painting.


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