Penguin born of artificial insemination thriving at Sea World

SAN DIEGO, CA (CNN) -- For the thousands who visit Sea World's Penguin Encounter in San Diego every day, it is an amazing experience. But what they may not realize is that they're also witnessing an amazing scientific breakthrough.

A penguin named Magellan Number 184 is now just 12 weeks old, and is one of hundreds of birds who've hatched at Sea World over the years. So many in fact they have numbers instead of names. But how this majestic Magellan penguin came to be sets her apart from all the rest.

This bird is historic because "184" is the first of any penguin species to be produced thru artificial insemination using frozen-then-thawed semen. A revolutionary technique pioneered at the sea world reproductive research center.

Cutting edge reproductive technology that is also making major strides in conservation efforts and potentially helping threatened or endangered species in the wild, ensuring future generations of incredible creatures like these.


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