Rare moment: Manhattan-henge, Supermoon in same night

NEW YORK, NY (CBS) -- A rare confluence of night sky sights in Manhattan tonight.

At sunset the semi-annual "Manhattanhendge" was created as the sunset hit the horizon across the Hudson River on a precise line with some of Manhattan's east-west streets. It's a popular sight among Manhattanites. It gets its Manhattanhendge moniker because it's reminiscent of what some think England's Stonehendge was built for- to capture the rays of the setting sun precisely between some of the stone monoliths that make up ancient structure.

After the sun set a full "super moon" could be seen in the sky over New York City. This occassional celestial event is called a supermoon because the moon appears super-sized due to its orbit being slightly closer to the Earth than usual.


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