Rescue dog saves owners from car burglars

BOULDER, CO (CNN) -- Police like to remind us it's important to report suspicious activity in our neighborhoods. Sometimes a good tip leads to an arrest. Like the one in Boulder that may be tied to a string of car burglaries. The tipster: a dog named Squid.

This quiet block of Columbine Avenue has been busy for burglars lately. Boulder police dealt with several thefts here but never figured out who was behind them, until last week. Tina Fuller said, "Middle of the night, about three, 3:30 in the morning. And Squid just sits up in his bed, started to growl and that's pretty unusual for him to do that."

Because of Squid, Fuller looked out her window and saw two men in her driveway. She describes them, "It was classic, like all black, bags over their soldiers, flashlights, it was pretty clear."

She called 911 and police caught one suspect, 22-year-old Thomas Frampton. She said, "Marshal and I are just super happy. With Squidy we feel super lucky."

Especially lucky considering Squid's past. Fuller said, "He'd recently been rescued from Kansas. They told us he'd been tied up for three years. He didn't have any hair around this part of his neck, it was just worn raw."

Squid was a different dog when Tina and her boyfriend first brought the weimaraner-pointer mix home in February. She said, "Tail between his legs, you know, he was very shy."

Thwarting car burglars is a drastic transformation for Squid. One that leaves this neighborhood a little more safe. Fuller said, "Just for him to be a protector and feel at home enough that this is his place now, that's really good."

Police say one suspect got away on a bike. He still hasn't been caught.

Fuller did retrieve some stolen items from police. So did a few neighbors.


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