Sole survivor of Tex. family murders speaks

(CNN) -- Her mom and dad, her brothers and sisters were all murdered in their own home, but Cassidy Stay survived and played dead until the gunman left. The 15-year-old's grandfather says it was the angels that told her to stay quiet. Stay spoke publicly this weekend just days after the shooting.

Speaking to a crowd, Cassidy Stay said, "I am really thankful for all of the people who have been praying for me and keeping me and my family in their thoughts."

An unbelievable show of resilience and strength from the 15-year-old, the only survivor of the mass shooting last week that killed her whole family.

Stay, speaking at a public memorial for her parents and four siblings, ages 4-13 who were brutally murdered in their Texas home.

The teen witnessed the whole ordeal. She herself was shot and critically wounded, surviving by playing dead. She said, "And I want to thank all the first responders, nurses and doctors that have taken care of me. I am feeling a lot better and I am on a very straight forward path to a full recovery."

Authorities say Ronald Lee Haskell first barged into the family's home demanding to know the whereabouts of his estranged wife, Melanie Haskell, who is related to the victims.

She wasn't there, but Haskell allegedly proceeded to shoot and kill them all, except stay who called 911 after Haskell left to warn police the suspected shooter was on his way to her grandparent's home.

Stay's grandfather credited the teen for saving lives. Roger Lyons said, "She had learned in Sunday school that God has the power to send angels to protect his children in times of great need. After she had been shot on Wednesday she said it felt as though those angels were there with her putting their hands over her mouth, whispering to her to be quiet. I was quiet when I needed to be quiet she told us."

She explained her outlook for a hopeful future as only a teen could. Cassidy, "In the Prisoner of Azkaban, Dumbledore says 'Happiness can be found even in the darkest of time if one only remembers to turn on the light.' I know my mom, dad, Brian, Emily, Becca, and Zach are in a much better place and that I will be able to see them again one day.

Haskell is facing six capital murder charges.


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