Survey: People would keep working even after winning lottery

(CBS) -- How many of you would actually quit your jobs if you won a significant amount of money playing the lottery? A new survey that answered that very question.

Christopher Manzi flashed more than a million dollar smile when he won the lottery in 2012. The 44 year-old split a $14 million check with his co-worker. He said, "Took about a week for me to realize how good it was."

But Manzi, who owned a printing business decided that he would keep working. He said, "I have about 12-13 people I've been working with my whole career and didn't want to turn my back."

A new survey by Career Builder shows 51 percent of workers say they would stay on their jobs if they won the lottery.

Mark Hawkins won earlier this week. He said, I got a free ticket and won $370." Not enough to retire on, but enough to keep him coming back.

Even Manzi, who's already experienced life as a millionaire, still plays the lottery. He said, "Every week, I still play twice a week!" He says it would take $100 million for him to consider working part-time.

The survey also found that of people who says they would keep working if they won the lottery, 30 percent would stay at their current job.


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