Where is Casey Kasem? His children demand answers

UNDATED (CNN) -- Famed radio countdown host Casey Kasem is gone, and his adult children say they don't know where he is.

A judge named Kasem's daughter as a temporary conservator. The judge also ordered an investigation into the 82-year-old Kasem's whereabouts.

Kasem's daughter Carrie has mixed emotions after a judge ordered authorities to find her father Casey. His family says his wife Jean illegally moved him from a facility where the 82-year-old was receiving treatment for advanced Parkinson's disease.

Carrie and her sister Julie say they last visited their dad on Tuesday. Carrie said, "A few hours later, he was ripped out of that facility and taken across state lines somewhere or out of the country; we don't know."

In light of Kasem's disappearance a judge also appointed Carrie his temporary caretaker. Casey's children say their stepmother hasn't let them see their father since July after they had been visiting with him regularly.

Carrie said, "We all had an incredible relationship with our father. We're not asking for money, we're all successful so why she is doing this is beyond me; what I believe is mental illness."

In court, Jean Kasem's attorney said he did not know where the former American Top 40 host was, but knew he had been removed from the country. Carrie said, "We want people to call the police to help us find our dad. It's so important, he's very ill, he shouldn't be moved.


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