A Place to Call Home: Rayshawn, Coby, Alexis and Danielle

It was a day of firsts.

It was the first time on ice for 11-year old twins Alexis and Danielle, and the first time ice skating for their older brothers, too, 12-year old Coby and 15-year old Rayshawn. It was the first time on skates forTHV's Dawn Scott, as she took a little advice from ice skaters at the Arkansas Skatium.

"It's the opposite of walking, instead it's side-to-side," they screamed.

But, off we go.

"Ahh, I'm gonna grab your hand too," says Alexis.

"So, how often do you get to see each other?" Scott asks. "Once a week," says Danielle.

It's the first time in a week these brothers and sisters have been together, and their first time on TV, sharing why the state took them out of their home four years ago and placed them in state foster care.

"Because our mom, she was on drugs," explains Danielle. "And she wasn't treatin' us right."

Their expectations at this point are low, but their dreams are high. Rayshawn says one day he wants to become a doctor, Alexis a marine, Danielle a model and singer, and Coby hopes to become an athlete.

But this day, all they are truly hoping for is someone to see their joy in being together and to bring them all home.

"I wanna be with my brothers and sisters because they've been always there for me when I have hard times and troubles, and they help me through everything," says Danielle.

"I would like to be close to them and have fun with them and spend time with them," says Alexis.

Rayshawn says "as long as I'm with my family and another family together" then his life feels complete.

"My sisters can be cheerleaders and basketball players, brother can be a football and basketball player, and I can be athletic in other sports," hopes Coby.

In fact, the ice was a no-go for Coby. He instead took off his skates and put on a show doing back flips and back handsprings, while the rest of us stumbled our way across the ice.

It was a first for us all, and a first-ever plea from the children to find a forever home.

"If you want to adopt us and you're listening to our story," pleads Alexis, "you can. We would love for you to adopt us."

Rayshawn adds, "We would really appreciate it."

Special thanks to the Arkansas Skatiumfor hosting the children. We all had a great time.

Click on the Arkansas Department of Human Servicesadoption website if you'd like more information on Alexis, Danielle, Coby, and Rayshawn, or any of the children up for adoption.

There are no costs associated with adopting a child in state care.


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