Sheridan man blames Ecig use for blackout

SHERIDAN, Ark. (KTHV) - The nicotine craze of E-Cigarettes is billed by many as a potential way to kick the traditional habit. E-cig health research lags behind its production.

A Sheridan man blacks out and dislocates his shoulder while at work, and he's convinced E-cigarette use caused the ordeal.

"Out, just completely went out. I fell out, collapsed and started having seizures and the next thing I remember is waking up in the ambulance when we got to the hospital," said Curtis Law.

Arkansas State Health Officials say there is not enough data to point to long term risks, but there are short term concerns for those with lung issues. Also, Doctor Gary Wheeler warns of the risk of infants getting their hands on the liquid nicotine.

"Sometimes these tank systems of nicotine come into the hands of children and people who are using these products need to know that they are potentially lethal potentially to very small infants and young children," said Dr. Wheeler.

There are only 53 toxic nicotine exposure cases in the state dating back to 2010, but a majority of the cases are from the last two years.


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