THV Extra: Joining the hunt of Arkansas Falconry

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Ark. (KTHV) - We go back in time to high speed hunting with hawks and falcons. It's always been about the bird for Heath Garner. The last 26 years he's crafted precision speed and power hunting with birds of prey.

"To see a two pound bird or less, sometimes only a pound and a half, hitting another bird at two hundred miles an hour is just an awe inspiring sight," said Garner.

It took effort to become a master falconer and it all started when he was just a teenager.

"I had to learn myself and read what books were available, got the rules and regs sent to me.>

For the most part he traps wild raptors, trains them and then hunts small game.

"The birds come back to us for food not because they want to go home. Keeping a bird in peak condition so that it wants to hunt on a schedule and wants to come back to you if it's unsuccessful.>

Garner now teaches his apprentice who started the sport with this red tail hawk. For seven months Derek McCollum followed Garner's path in falconry

After two years he'll become a general falconer.

"My favorite part about it is just the flight in general whether she catches anything or not I enjoy just watching her chase it and get exercise," said McCollum.

Garner says the birds have no emotional connection with their master. Even after two decades of flying he's still reaching for new heights.

"Falconry is more like interactive bird watching you're just seeing what the bird does on the daily basis in the wild and you're just part of it," said Garner.

If you're interested in learning more about Arkansas Falconry click here.


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