Wells Fargo's new ad campaign upsets artists

Marketing gone wrong? A new Wells Fargo advertisement has many in the creative arts a little upset. Sept. 4, 2016

In what could possibly be described as a bit of marketing gone bad, locals actors feel insulted by a new ad campaign published by Wells Fargo Bank. The campaign is for Teen Financial Day, and it’s the pamphlets some local actors say insult those in creative arts.

The special event is aimed at helping teens get on track financially for their future.

One of the ads reads, "Ballerina yesterday. An engineer today," a sentence Lincoln Theater Company Director Diane Bartlett can't believe Wells Fargo agreed to print.

"It's like, don't save unless you want to be a botanist or a physicist but if you want to go to New York, forget about it," Bartlett said.

Mary Ellen Vogt also works at the theater and said she thinks the campaign is out of character for the bank.

"We're surprised because Wells Fargo traditionally has been in support of the arts," Vogt said.

After a lot of backlash for the campaign, including from Broadway, the bank issued a statement on Twitter apologizing for the ads promoting Teen Financial Day.

"I know they apologized, I forgive them but I do think for an organization like Wells Fargo that apology should have never had to happen," Bartlett said.

Teen Financial Day is scheduled for September 17.

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