The Family is a little hard to categorize. It's a comedy that's not really a comedy. It's not a drama, it's definitely not an action film but it does have a little of that too. It's dark but it's not really dark. The best description is probably "dark comedy" which means it's got several funny moments but also some drama mixed in it and people die or get hurt, sometimes in funny ways.

Robert De Niro plays a mobster in hiding via witness protection (I think). The film never really says why he's hiding, something was mentioned about $20 million but it's never clarified why he's wanted by the mob over it. Anyway, he's hiding in France and has been moved around different parts of Europe with his family because they can't stay anywhere long due to his violent temper and problems caused by his family members. Michelle Pfeiffer plays his stereotypical angry wife, who truly wants to have a normal life. The budding stars of the film are Dianna Agron and John D'Leo who play De Niro's daughter and son respectively. Belle (Agron) is mostly your typical teenage girl with a bit of street toughness but also an innocence that comes across as she deals with teenage girl things like crushes on boys. Warren (D'Leo) is the street smart kid who has a plan and is working to start his own criminal empire within the confines of his French high school. Tommy Lee Jones plays their federal "handler" who has been with the family since they went into hiding and is in charge of making sure they stay out of trouble and out of the limelight. As you can imagine, his attempts don't work too well.

The core actors of The Family were really solid and the whole film comes together to make a solid movie. It's not a very memorable film in fact; nothing really stands out in my mind to make it special. I'm not saying it's bad, it's just not a smashing, blow you away type film.

I'm leaning towards the "wait for the DVD" conclusion.

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