Down Syndrome boy reacts to college acceptance, zoo cheers panda, faithful dog, boy gets to fly like Iron Man


UNDATED (KTHV) - From one of the best college acceptance reactions ever to a sick boy's dream of flying coming true, there are plenty of positive stories from the past week that are definitely on the 'brighter side'.

Down Syndrome student reacts to getting into college

For many high school seniors, there is one coveted piece of mail that has the power to change lives -- a college acceptance or rejection letter. Noah VanVooren, who has Down syndrome, has been waiting in anticipation for his letter from Edgewood College in Madison, Wis. That's why when the letter finally arrived last week, he could barely contain his excitement -- even before he opens it! Watch the video to see VanVooren totally lose it over some of the best news ever: He was accepted.

Zoo builds playground to cheer sad panda

Even the cutest creatures on earth can feel a bit lonely at times. Sijia, a panda living at the Yunnan Wildlife Park in China, became depressed after a fellow panda was sent to another facility. So staff at the park came up with some ideas to cheer her up. First they installed a television and showed her programs featuring other pandas. Then they set up a playground with parallel bars and swings for her to play on. So far, it seems her spirits are up!

Dog waits for owner outside hospital for 8 days

A patient pup was finally reunited with his owner who was hospitalized for more than a week in Brazil. According to local reports, the dog waited outside the hospital in Passo Fundo for eight days while his owner, Lauri da Costa, was undergoing an operation. In a heartwarming video, filmed by animal rights group ComPaTA, Seco jumps on the Brazilian man after the two are reunited in the hospital's courtyard.

8-year-old's wish to fly like Iron Man comes true

Max Vertin is a lot like other 8-year-olds. He likes pizza, collecting bugs and watching baseball. But unlike other boys, he suffers a rare disease that's eating away at his muscles – Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. nfortunately for the Vertins, it runs in the family. Max's brothers Charlie and Rowen suffer from the very same disease. But this week, the family experienced some good luck. They've been treated with parties, limo rides and a dream-come-true for Max. He got to fly like his favorite superhero, Iron Man. It was all thanks to the "Make-a-Wish" foundation which brought the Vertins from their home in Hastings, Nebraska to Lone Tree, Colorado. It was there that they visited SkyVenture Colorado, a company that gave Max and his whole family the chance to fly in a special indoor wind tunnel.

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