UNDATED (KTHV) - Today, I got my hands on something plumbers know well-PVC pipe!

I created some awesome lanterns to tuck away in the garden, and they are such a fun project that you can create simply in one day on your weekend.

I used 8-inch pipe for the lantern I'm going to show you how to make. Usually, sewer pipe comes in 8-inch size, but you can also use the 6-inch size. For the end project, I mixed the sizes together at different heights to give it a really cool look, and I chose to do groupings of three.

To start, take a hole bit and attach it to an everyday drill to make the holes in the plastic PVC pipe at a random pattern. Then, go ahead and paint the inside of the pipe if it's not already white. I used a primer and a nice boat paint.

After that, I took an orange spray paint and painted the outside. Now, you can choose whatever color you want. You can do a bright vibrant color as I did here, or maybe even a bronze color to make it look a little more traditional.

Then, all you have to do is take an outdoor uplight, put it in the ground, and plug it in. The particular lights that I bought have a dimmer on them so they turn themselves on an off depending upon the amount of light outside.

There's no guessing to it.

Simply go ahead and slide the fixture right on top of the, and now, you have a beautiful light that just glows in the dark.

Remember to vary them in height. I even have one in my garden that is eight feet tall.

This is a great project for this coming weekend.

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