LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- THV's lifestyle guru Chris Olsen with Botanica Gardens shares tips for day lilies and easy Father's Day gifts.

Caring for Day Lilies

Day lilies are undemanding members of the lily family whose genus name, Hemerocallis, is Greek for "beauty for a day". The only attention these hardy perennials need in winter is a blanket of mulch. After the first hard frost, cover the ground with a loose, 3 to 5 inches of bark chips or mulch. By holding cold in the ground, you help prevent the alternate thawing and freezing that can heave roots from the earth. Many gardeners skip the mulch after clumps are well established, but it's a good idea when the plants are young and not yet well anchored.

Division is needed only in established clumps that have become to large, or those whose flowers have become sparse or small. This may be several years away.

Fertilize with an all-purpose and balanced food. I usually feed mine abut twice during the growing season. Once at the end of April and then right after they bloom.

Keep moist with consistent watering for maximum blooming potential.

Need a last minute idea for a Father's Day gift? Come by Botanica Gardens and look around!

The perfect Father's Day gift

Need a last minute idea for a Father's Day gift? Come by Botanica Gardens and look around! Most of our dad's are easy going and low maintenance. Here are some ideas we have for you to give him and place in the office!


- Air plant- No dirt, no planting, no pot! Place it anywhere and all it needs is a light misting. Or pair it with our charcoal black tear drop vase and you've got a gift ready to go!!

- Black Terricotta- Pick up one of our black terricotta pots and place a fern or one of our low maintenance plant options to give a little life and color in an everyday work space!

- Cactus- Everyone knows a cactus is something that doesn't require much work or water. Place this intriguing little plant into a simple pot and find that it give's life to that Father's desk


- Got books?- For a decorative option, we've got carved wooden books that can add to his collection on the shelf.

- Clocks- Most of our dad's need help keeping track of the time throughout the day. Our dog clocks can do just the thing and show off an idea of what the kids can give on this special day!

-Ceramic Heads- Come check out our options for ceramic heads! We have several to set as a decorative piece of work that will keep people asking questions and can be used as pots for planting!

Things to use:

-Air plants with Black Tear Drop vases

- Low Maintenance Fern with Black Terricotta (Add Spanish Moss)

- Cactus with Square/cubed pots/vases

-Ceramic Heads/Pots (add fern or easy plant)

- Dog Clocks

-Wooden Books

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