Everyone onToday's THV This Morning is undertaking a major effort to get healthy.

We've divided into teams and eachgroup will be tackling a different kind of exercise, fromkickboxing to Zumba. The hope is not just to lose weight but to become healthier.

To achieve that goalwe all headed over to Baptist Health for a complete physical. Even those who are in their target weight range were suprised to hear there are some areas in which they need to get healthier.

ProducerStephen Ostrosky islearning pilates with teachers Sheila McKinney and Paula Mallory, co-owners of the Pilates Studio of Little Rock.

Tom Brannon and executive producer Matthew Carroll are getting whipped into shape with Betsy Kortebein from the Little Rock Racquet Club.

Melissa Dunbar-Gates and producer Martha Myrick are dancing the pounds away with Zumba at theNorth Little Rock Racquet Club with instructor Tina.

Faith Abubey and video editor Michelle Edmonds are getting a high-impact workout by boxing and kickboxing with instructors Boris Washington and Matt Hamilton at Westside MMA.

Click on the videos for a sneak peek as Team THV works towards a new you!

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