LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- As you work on landscaping your yard this spring, you may be trying to think of something different to do. In Today's Living, Chris Olsen talks about using vines and trees to change up your landscape.

You know there are a lot of myths when it comes to landscape plants in your own yard; for example, vines growing on trees. I've heard it over and over again. If you plant a vine it's going to grow up the tree and going to kill the tree.

This is a myth. It's not necessarily true. For example, if you use vines that are not too aggressive it's okay if they cling on to a tree and grow up a tree, like English Ivy.

Right behind me is this beautiful English Ivy just growing up a tree, cascading down it gets about two foot wide; it's just beautiful.

There are other types of Ivy you can use though. There's Golden Heart Ivy which kinda has a little Chartreuse Heart in the middle of the leaf. Every time I use this plant in a landscape, everybody wants to know what it is.

Or how about Variegated Ivy, or Creeping Fig? There are so many different vines, even the Climbing Hydrangea loves to crawl up and grow up trees.

But there are certain vines you need to stay away from like the aggressive old fashioned Wisteria vine. The reason why that kills is a tree is because it covers the canopy of the tree. When you do that you don't allow light to hit the foliage of the tree so what happens? It eventually starves to death.

So use a less aggressive vine when you want something to grow up your ornamental or Oak big type of trees. I'm Chris Olsen and you are watching Today's Home and don't listen to all those myths out there, you can grow vines on your trees.

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