UNDATED (CNN/Contributing stations) -- Communities across the South and the Midwest are still assessing the damage from a series of violent storms that left dozens dead.

Fresh blanket of snow covers debris left by a violent storm outbreak that hit Henryville, Indiana. Like many communities across the South and Midwest, residents here are just beginning to pick up the pieces. Maureen Williams says, "I know we have to go forward, and wherever that road takes we'll soon find out."

Two tornadoes hit the town, including a powerful EF 4, with winds of up to 200 miles per hour. The storm destroyed homes and businesses, and struck a school complex.

Henryville was in the path of a powerful storm system that unleashed at least 42 tornadoes across then states Friday. In a nearby town, an entire family of five was killed. Fourteen-month old Angel Babcok was taken off life support Sunday. Justin Henley says, "We've been through a lot, everything, more than anyone can imagine."

As the focus turns to helping the survivors, National Guard troops have been deployed in Indiana and Kentucky, while Good Samaritans are donating what they can. Volunteer Victor Jett says Henryville is a small community where everybody knows everyone. He says, "When something like this happens, everybody wants to help, pull together, to help each other out, that's what it's all about."

Indiana State police say they have no idea how many people were left homeless. But its clear residents here, and across the country, face a long road to recovery.

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