LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - Two staff members at Mount St. Mary Academyhave been terminated.

This follows a sexual assault investigation. One faculty member has been terminated for violating the school's conduct policy, while another was terminated for failure to adhere to state-mandated reporting requirements.

Today's THV has obtained the incident report from Little Rock police. However, since no charges have been filed at this time we have decided to withhold the report and not name those involved.

Mount St. Mary's Principal Diane Wolfe sent this statement to Today's THV on Wednesday:

"Based on the findings of an internal investigation by Mount St. Mary Academy and a concurrent investigation by Little Rock Police Department, a member of the MSM faculty has been terminated for violation of Mount St. Mary policy governing conduct of faculty and staff. The employee was placed on administrative leave Sunday, March 11 immediately after information was received by MSM concerning the employee's conduct. This immediate action was taken to remove the employee from the MSM campus and to protect the safety and security of our students. The termination action was taken today by Mount St. Mary Academy upon learning of the findings of the investigation by the Little Rock Police Department.

As part of Mount St. Mary's internal investigation into events related to this matter, a second employee placed on administrative leave on Monday, March 12, has been terminated for failure to adhere to state-mandated reporting requirements.

Mount St. Mary's actions to this situation were taken to protect the safety and security of our students which is our foremost priorirt. In as much as this issue involves pending legal proceedings, and with respect to rights of individual privacy protected by law, Mount St. Mary will have no statements on the details of the allegations."

Principal Diane Wolfe sent this email to parents Tuesday:

"As a valued member of the Mount St. Mary family, I want you to be aware of a situation that was brought to the attention of administration within the past 48 hours. While it would not be appropriate at this stage to discuss specific details, an investigation is continuing into allegations made concerning the conduct of two members of the MSM staff. Following is a statement that is being distributed to various groups that are part of our extended family and that we want to share with you.

"Two members of the professional staff of Mount St. Mary Academy have been placed on administrative leave pending completion of an investigation being conducted by appropriate jurisdictional agencies in conjunction with, and with the full cooperation of Mount St. Mary Academy. Any further action related to this matter will be taken only after additional investigation and with respect to the safety of students and staff, as well as with respect to rights of privacy of those who may be involved. Mount St. Mary Academy will make no further statement on this matter until the investigation is completed."

--Diane Wolfe, Principal, Mount St. Mary Academy

The email continues:

"We understand and appreciate the interest and concern that you and others in the community may have about this situation. Further, we understand that you may be approached by those in the community. Any comments made should be limited to those in the statement above.

"This is a challenging time for MSM, but rest assured that the safety and education of our students will continue to be our first and foremost priority. We want to keep you apprised of the situation and will update you upon completion of our investigation. In the meantime, let me express my sincere appreciation for your continued support of Mount St. Mary."

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