UNDATED (CNN) - Recognize these dance moves? Police in Galveston, Texas, say a man caught busting a move on camera broke into a city tour vehicle with two accomplices. They've released the video hoping someone can identify him based on his dance steps.

A welder from Virginia worked months to get this giant cross finished in time for Easter. It measures 110-feet high, and is anchored with 300 tons of concrete. It now sits in front of a church along a busy highway, where he hopes it will draw attention, and draw parishioners to come worship.

"Oh I think it's wonderful, I just, I come off the bypass and I just stop and clapping my hands and praising the Lord," Ella Profit says.

Visitors to this year's New York auto show will get a glimpse of the future; a prototype flying car is the star attraction.

Terrafugia Co-Founder & CEO Carl Dietrich says, "It's a product that brings a new level of convenience to general aviation, because you can keep this plane at home in your garage, you don't have to rent a hanger, you fill it up on super unleaded gasoline at the gas station, just like your car."

The "Transition," from Terrafugia is expected to cost about $280,000 and could hit the streets and the skies within a year.

Source: CNN/April Williams

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