LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (Craig O'Neill/Commentary) - Any sessions of winners and losers has to begin with coach Bobby Petrino. I hate to do it but loser for coach Petrino. The scandal was bad enough but what puts him in the category is the specter of a cover-up. From Nixon to now, cover-ups don't work. But, there is a flipside to this.

Athletic Director Jeff Long goes in the winner category. In his press conference, he stepped right up there, told us what was about to happen. He was well reasoned, mature, and answered all questions in a forthright manner. He came across Thursday night as in control and competent. It was a reassuring approach to a dismal situation.

Loser category: people of Benton who get called on by the Benton Police. They're backlogged on serving warrants to the tune of 2,000 notices. They're going door to door to try and get that corrected.

Loser-minimum wage. It's just over $7 an hour but it's not enough to keep those who are working at that level, out of poverty.

But we do have some McDonald's workers who are winners. No, not the lottery winners. The Sylvan Hills Elementary teachers who worked at McDonalds Tuesday for McTeacher's night. The Sherwood McDonald's donated 20 percent of the night's sales to the school for the time worked. You can bet the teachers got some nice tips too.

The high school students from Mountain Pine, Jessieville and Fountain Lake who were honored at the Governor's Mansion by the Hot Springs Village Altrusa Club definitely fall into the winners category. To get to this point, these ninth-graders and up had to make a four point. Six seniors made all As through high school.

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