GAITHERSBURG, Maryland (CNN/WJLA) -- Christina Heise and Matthew Robinson are both fans of Chick-Fil-A, especially the coupons they've won for free meals. But after seeing each other repeatedly at the openings of new stores, an unexpected romance blossomed. And now they're getting married.

They gather in parking lots and wait for the doors to open to a new Chick-Fil-A; the first 100 people in get coupons for 52 free meals.

And sometimes those attracted to the chicken get attracted to each other. Among those camping in the cold and wind waiting for free chicken, are two love-birds. Christina Heise says, "He's been to about forty six openings I've been to about twenty five."

Their love of chicken actually brought them together. Matthew Robinson says, "We kept staring at each other all day and we finally got the nerve to talk to each other."

Heise and Robinson used to come solo but after they met last year while waiting in line it's become a joint operation. Heise says, "It's actually surprising how similar we are like really surprising."

They have surprisingly similar tastes. Between the two of them they have amassed enough coupons to eat chicken almost every mean. Heise says, "About five to ten times a week we eat Chick-Fil-a food so and we have never gotten tired or it."

Robinson syas, "I got unlimited chicken and a wife at Chick-fil-a so you can't beat that!"

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