LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - They are veterans, biking to help others just like them. Sometimes it can take time and a lot of effort for veterans to access their benefits. But now they have someone out there cycling across the country to raise awareness about some of the problems.

"If you're Justin's friend, you're Justin's friend for life." Larry Fowler's son is a Marine and suffered a brain injury in Japan about seven months ago.

"I'm just very proud to be Justin's father and proud that the military cares for their wounded warriors."

He is also proud that a few veterans are at his son's bedside.

"It's nice to see them and maybe get a smile out of them and help them out with what they are going through at the time."

Wesley Barrientos is half of a group that is biking through 15 states. He and Jeremy Staat, a retired NFL player, are looking to raise awareness about veterans and some of the problems they face. Both Staat and Barrientos are veterans themselves. Staat says he enjoys meeting fellow veterans and also wants to do what he can to make sure they get the benefits they deserve.

"The big deal is we are tired of seeing illegal immigrants and convicted criminals getting better treatment then our veterans and our youth."

They also plan to bring their message to military bases.

"I'm just the person who has the will and heart to do it, everybody I think has the will and heart to do it it's just finding the right thing that's right for you.

And that will to help is something Fowler appreciates. "I think it's a good thing, I feel like it's an encouragement to all wounded warriors and veterans. I think it's a way to let them know they are not forgotten and what they've done in service to our country is very much appreciated

They also plan to stop at nine military bases and ultimately end up at the Vietnam Veteran's memorial wall at our nation's Capitol on Memorial Day.Follow the Wall to Wall Bicycle Ride.

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