UNDATED (CNN) -- Sometimes a song doesn't have to be good to be popular on the internet. In fact, these days "awfulness" can turn a tune into a viral hit. CNN talked to the teenage stars who can't believe how hot their video is.

It's got a lot to live up to, but does it deserve the title "Worst Song Ever?"

The video is called "Hot Problems" about how hard it is to be hot. Meet the high school seniors with the hot problems. Lauren says, "I wouldn't say that we're a hot girl but it's fun to sing about it."

Lauren and Drew are California girls who wrote the lyrics in two hours and recorded the song at a friend's studio just for fun, they says. Drew says, "No , not at all. we really didn't consider ourselves musically talented."

Neither does most of the Internet. One critic posted "Bleeding ears with 3 words. Make. It. Stop."

Can't anyone say anything nice?! Yes! CNN found someone who asks "Is it bad I found this hilarious?" "Methinks this is a joke."

People are comparing it to Rebecca Black's much ridiculed hit "Friday." It may not be flattery but others are imitating Hot Problems. Lauren says, "All the negative criticism we're brushing off our shoulders."

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