CONWAY, Ark. (KTHV) - Authorities say they have captured a bear after receiving numerous calls from residents that one was loose in Conway.

A bear was sighted on Ashley Drive in Conway around 4:15 a.m. Monday. The bear was gone once authorities responded.

Officials say they received another call around 6:30 p.m. about a bear being in a tree on Foster Drive, also in west Conway. They say the bear is believed to be the same bear as spotted before.

The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, Conway Police Department, Conway Fire Department, and Conway City Animal Welfare Departmentall arrivedat the scene Monday evening.

Ann Broach lives in the neighborhood and was one of the many onlookers who showed up to watch as officials attempted to lure the bear down.

"It's kind of an exciting thing, everybody standing around," says Broach. "I kind of feel sorry for the bear now."

UCA student Jake Holloway and his friendsshowed upto watch the commotion after hearing about the bear on Twitter.

"It's kind of shocking, kind of scary to think a bear can be in an urban area such as this," says Holloway.

The bearwas shot twice with a dart, then the fire department turned the hose on him.He fell from the tree and landedsafely on a bounce house.

The bear has been named Foster in honor of the street he was captured on. The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission are taking care of him.

He will eventually be released into the Ozarks.

Steve "Wildman" Wilson with the Game and Fish Commission says Foster is fineand probably just feels like he had a bad dream.

He wanted us to let people know this time of year, bears, especially young ones,are looking for new homes so don't unknowingly start feeding them.

Bring in your dog food and bird feeders. Once they find food,they like to stick around.

The bear even has its own Twitter account @WestConwayBear.

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