LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - Let's face it. Reality shows are just game shows with a budget.

The Voice, America's Got Talent, American Idol... They're all operating off the same principal as Ted Mack's Original Amateur Hour, the Ed Sullivan Show, or the Gong Show.

Dancing with Stars is better known as "how klutzy can cable TV people be?" Grubby people talking bad about each other. You know how it goes.

Then there's the Amazing Race, which is also known as "how quickly can you catch a cab?"

Today's THV, however, has them all beat. Beginning tonight, we announce a long term commitment to follow several Arkansas schools who have agreed to try a brand new idea.

Rockefeller, Boone Park, and Pike Avenue will begin using a plan called A+ Arkansas. This is an initiative of the THEA Foundation.

To put it simply, lessons in all subjects are taught using the arts, according to each student's individual learning style.

Beginning Monday, May 14, Today's THV will bring you periodic reports on the implementation and execution of this creative approach to education.

THV's Alyse Eady will kick it off with a report on a school in El Dorado that has become the role model for this program. We'll show you how it will be introduced.

Then, throughout the year, we'll check to see how it's all going. We'll continue to bring you accomplishments of schools statewide, and we will be totally objective in our assessment of the A+ program, but we want to see the impact ourselves.

Can it turn "survivors" into "idols?" Can it give teachers "the voice?" We'll see. It definitely promises to be the real reality show.

Don't bet against it. It's using one natural resource in this country we'll never run short of. ...Imagination.

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