Most of us don't think about having to "find" a family. But for hundreds of kids in Arkansas, it is their greatest wish.

This week, we meet a young woman who refuses to let her struggles and her past get in the way of her future and her search for a place to call home.

14-year old Sierra loves cheerleading and gymnastics. She likes to shop, get her nails done, and says she is a "normal teenage girl."

But her life has been anything but.

"I live in Little Rock, Arkansas," says Sierra. "In a foster home."

A foster home is just about all Sierra has ever known. It's where she's lived since the age of 5. In fact, she's lived in so many foster homes and facilities, she's lost count.

That is just one reason her afternoon at Glo Salon was so special. This self-proclaimed girly girl got a personal makeover by a professional makeup artist at the West Little Rock salon.

"It makes me feel there are people out there that care," says Sierra.

Sierra spent the afternoon pampered, the center of attention. Not something she's used to.

"My mom was an alcohol and drug addict," Sierra recalls. "Very abusive. You'd think the people you came from would take up for you more and know better ways to be a mother and father."

Despite this, Sierra refuses to give up hope and refuses to let her struggles define her. She has dreams of one day becoming a pediatrician or a judge.

"If it has to take years of school," says Sierra, "I can do it, because I do wanna show people I am a girl that is going to make it and change."

She also has dreams of one day finding what matters most.

"I want to find a family that is gonna be careful and loveable to me," says Sierra. "As long as I know I have a family, that's all I really want. I have went through some struggles but I never just plain out give up and I'm not going to. Something is going to happen one day or another."

Special thanks to Tess and Lindsey and all the ladies at Glo Salon and Spa who made Sierra feel so special. They also gave her a special gift to take home. It obviously meant so much to her

You can learn more about Sierra or any of the state foster children up for adoption by visiting the Arkansas Department of Human Services website. There are no costs associated with adopting a child in state care.

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