LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - Two people are dead after an attempted burglary and officer-involved shooting.

Police say the attempted burglary happened in the 200 block of Thayer Street. Police say the suspect tried to break into the home just before noon.

An officer responding to a burglaryin progress call saw the suspect, 19-year-old Charles Edward Murry Jr.,fleeing the home with a gun. The officer told Murry to stop and when he didn't, the officer shot and killed him. The officer did receive minor injuries but is not sure what from.

The homeowner was not there at the time but two men were. Police found one man shot andlying in the front yard, and another man shot inside the home. The man inside died and the man in the yard was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries.

According to the police report, Officer Terry McDanielwas the first who responded to the scene, and tracked down Murry. The report says McDanielfound him running down the street, and asked him to stop.

McDanielsaw Murry pull out a small revolver, so he shot him several times.

Murry allegedly shot two people, "George" Posan and Gabar Felszeghy inside the home he was attempting to rob.

"We still believe the incident all began because of a burglary. We've not developed any information that the subject know the people resided on Thayer. It's just a random burglary, nothing that we feel that Mr. Murry was looking or seeking for," says Sgt. Cassandra Davis with LRPD.

Sgt. Davis says Felszeghy is still in the hospital and is stable, yet remains in critical condition. She says Officer McDaniel suffered minor injuries as well from chasing Murry.

Authorities with the Pulaski Co. Sheriff's Department say Murry has had a history of burglary and theft.

Information from Little Rock Police, Pulaski Co. Sheriff's Dept.