LONDON, Ark.(KTHV) -- Pope County authorities said Andrew James Cody, 26, of Casa wrapped his shoes and put on long sleeves before he murdered Lee Britton, 65, of London.

"It was brought out in the hearing that he had on different clothes than what he had on when we took him into custody. He told us what he was wearing and where he had taken that clothing (and) some outer garments and we went to that location and found them," said Sheriff Aaron Duvall of Pope County.

Sheriff Duvall said Friday his deputies responded to a shooting in London.

"45 minutes later to an hour later AJ Cody was located walking in the city of London," said Sheriff Duvall

The Sheriff would not comment on the nature of the Cody's relationship with Britton, but did comment on Cody's wife.

"Sheena Cody has been seen at that residence along with Mr. Cody."

Sheriff Duvall said a recent bond hearing reveals Cody hid at Britton's home waiting for him to arrive.

Once there Cody said the two got into altercation over a claim Britton molested a relative.

"I think that was brought out," said Sheriff Duvall.

The sheriff said at some point Cody took a shotgun and shot Britton in the head.

"We had received information that AJ Cody had been at that residence so naturally we wanted to talk to him and his wife Sheena Cody."

Sheriff Duvall said initially Cody denied involvement, but eventually changed his story, admitting to the murder.

Prosecutors charged Cody with 1st degree murder. Deputies initially arrested his wife, but later released her with no charges pending.

Sheriff Duvall said a criminal background check revealed no sex abuse convictions on Britton.

The prosecutor for Pope County said Andrew Cody is free on a $500,000 bond.

Cody is due in court July 16.

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