LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- Welcome to Craig's Twist 66, Mitt versus Barack.

I have a little 11 question quiz gleaned from several hours of light reading about the two candidates facing one another for the presidency.

Your answers have to be instantaneous. I don't have a lot of time, so here we go!

1. Whose grandfather was a cook for the British Army? Answer is President Obama.

2. Whose grandmother proved to be so resilient and proficient with finance, that she worked her way to a vice president position with her bank at a time when women executives were not commonplace. Answer is President Obama.

3. Whose mother was an anthropologist? If you guess President Obama, you're right!

4. Who attended a private high school on scholarship? The President.

5. Whose mother was once quoted as saying about abortion."The ultimate decision is left to the woman. It's more important to lessen the physical and mental dangers and remove the criminal element. Answer is Mitt Romney's mother Lenore.

6. Whose mother was only 15 when she was first wooed by his father. Answer is Mitt Romney.

7. Whose grandfather had a mediocre career as a furniture salesman? It is President Obama, whose grandfather sold furniture in Seattle and later Honolulu before he the President was born.

9. Whose mother stood with Dr. Martin Luther King on the campus of a major university in a show of support for civil rights? It was again Mitt's mother Lenore.

10. When he was a kid in elementary school, whose mother would awaken him at 4 in the morning, insisting he study and read. President Obama.

11. Whose mother turned down film roles with the MGM studios and a possible career as a star. It was Mitt Romney. The late Bob Hope called her one of the most beautiful women he ever met.

So how'd you do? Understand, there was no manipulation here other than to bring to light, the rich, and complex influences that make up the past these two candidates for President. Both these men have incredible back stories.

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