LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV)- Dr. Bob Hale fromBriarwood Animal Hospital is answering viewer questions. These are the questions he covered:

-I have a Great Pyrenees. We keep her out of the sun during the summer and bathe her regularly. She has raw skin even in places where she can't reach to scratch. Any suggestions?

-My Chihuahua came into heat Friday and I'm wanting to breed her. When should I do this?

-How can I tell if our 15 month old a german shepherd is teething? He acts like at time it hurts to eat his dog food.

-We are moving to New Mexico this weekend. How often should we stop to let our cat use the bathroom?

-Is it too hot to leave my dog outside during the day, even if he has plenty of water?

Click on the THVideo above to hear all of Dr. Bob's advice! And if you have an urgent question about your petfor Dr. Bob, you can call him at 501-227-7900.

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