LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - Craig's Twist 69: Oaklawn and the health care ruling.

For a true perspective on today's Supreme Court decision involving the healthcare bill, may I direct your attention to Oaklawn. This is where men and women try to predict the future. They have all sorts of tools at their disposal. But, even the best of them I've known are wrong half the time, and most are wrong about 70 per cent of the time.

I think of these people whenever I hear pundits and politicians and even economists, telling us what's about to happen. And after today, and the Supreme Court ruling upholding the healthcare bill, predictions are everywhere, just like at the racetrack.

But the truth is, they don't know. Bankrupt the system, make the country healthier, put doctors out of business, lower healthcare costs -- maybe. But truthfully, they don't know.

We all have our own individual stories, 300 million of them. How can anyone begin to predict something like that?

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