SAVONLINNA, Finland (CBS) -- Finland secured victory in the mobile phone throwing world championships with a record-breaking 101.46 meter throw on Saturday.

The annual mobile phone throwing world championships in Savonlinna, Finland gathered hopefuls from around the world on Saturday.

Contestants compete in three categories - the traditional over the shoulder style where the aim is to throw the phone as far as possible, the Freestyle category where contestants are judged on aesthetics and creativity and the junior category for children under the age of 12.

According to the organizers mobile phone throwing is a light and modern Finnish sport that combines the philosophy of recycling and a fun spirit.

Exchange students from the U.S. Bobby, Lucy and Skyler were entertained by the competition. "Very interesting and it's fun," Bobby said. "It is definitely the silliest thing I've ever done before in my life," Skyler said.

Since the first competition of its kind was held in Savonlinna in 2000, its popularity has grown with national championships now taking place in a number of countries.

A man from India competing in this year's championships in Finland could not foresee this sport taking on in his home country. He believes the phones would be in use rather than used for sports. He says, "We don't, we probably use it." However he did enjoy the game. "Well, yes I am having fun, it is really great," he added.

Hammer throwing athlete Jonna Mattero from Finland won the women's category with a 42.47 meter throw.

"This feels really great, and this is only the first time for me taking part in mobile throwing contest," she said.

Ere Karjalainen from Finland set a new record in the Finnish championships with 101.46 meters, second place in the men's competition went to Jeremy Gallop from South Africa with a 94.67 meter throw. Gallop won a national competition in England.

Organizer of the competition, Christine Lund, says Finland were the pioneers when inventing the game twelve years ago.

"The consciousness of clean environment and to take care of our globe has grown and that's why also I think that people take it seriously how to use the old mobile phones, so in that sense I think we were the pioneers at 2000," she said.

All phones are recycled after the competition.

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